Escape with your life!
Come play with me!
Don't trust Alma...
...See you soon!


Dark Pursuit offers you a unique challenge: Escape with your life. You and your friends will have to uncover the truth about little Alma before she adds you to her grisly collection.

Will you come and

play with us?

Dark Pursuit amps up the adrenaline with amazing actors, set and a wickedly complex maze that will entrench you and your friends in an epic struggle for survival. Discover the truth about the spirit that haunts the basement before it’s too late.

About Alma...

The biggest little city in the world boasts numerous fanfares from fine dining to glamorous casinos, but beneath all the flashing lights and cheap drinks there beats the unholy heart of a loved-one long lost to the sands of time.

Little is known about Alma except that she was locked away by her parents and subjected to cruel conditions.

It is in our best interest to uncover the truth about this horrific tragedy; however, it must be noted that previous attempts to discover the truth have ended in bloodshed and missing people.

Enter at your own risk.